New Dance Course For Malaysian Girls By Pat Catterson

About our dance course 

Belly dance is a sensational form of art that allows women to express themselves, get to know the abilities of their bodies and become physically attractive. Females of all over Asia, including beautiful Malaysian women, used to perform to demonstrate their feelings and unbind their inner spirit. 

Unfortunately, as time went by, some dancing traditions and techniques started to fade away, therefore we have created our new dance course for Malaysian girls to revive and preserve belly dance and make it popular among young ladies. 

The dance course for Malaysian girls is tailored to meet the needs of any woman who wishes to master her skills and learn how to move her body. There are different groups from beginner level to proficient that you can join after you fill in the application form, so do not hesitate to contact us to know the details.

Malaysian Culture and its role in dating local women

Malaysia is an ultra-modern country with a high standard of living. Malaysia has a great cultural diversity due to the multinationality of the country, as well as due to the many religions and languages spoken here. 

In this Muslim country with a colonial past, the days off in different areas do not coincide. In the states of Selangor, Malacca, Penang, Perak, Pahang, and Negeri Sembilan, which were under British rule, the day off is the second half of Saturday and all Sunday. In the states of Johor, Kedah, Perlis, Terengganu, and Kelantan, which were semi-autonomous sultanates during the British domination, the traditional day off remained the second half of Thursday and Friday.

Historically, Malaysia is home to indigenous people, Malays, Chinese, Indians, as well as Arabs and Europeans who are devoted to their country with all their hearts.

One of the most famous features of Malaysia is its women. These Asian brides are very brightly and beautifully dressed. Usually, these are suits of long skirts and blouses. All this is very closed, chaste, but very colorful and festive. Women are very strict and serious. 

British culture, as well as the culture of one of the Arab and Persian peoples, also contributed to the local way of life and customs.

Besides ancient arts like weaving, carving and producing silver things, Malaysia possesses a rich heritage that is presented by dance and music pieces. Women in Malaysia perform a variety of national dances that are of different origin (Indian mostly). Their dances usually praise happiness, joy, love, and gratitude to God for their generosity and help in the birth of children and growing crops. There are also dances like Ngajat which are performed only by men. They symbolize strength and power; people used to dance it to praise warriors for their victories over the other tribes.

Malaysian dance songs play a meaningful role in the culture of the nation, too. Folk music emerged centuries ago and also was influenced by Chinese and Indian cultures. It has been preserved to our times in the form of such songs as Menora, Mak Inang, Nobat, and many others.

As you see, Malaysian women are raised in a culturally diverse society, therefore if you want to attract them, you have to be aware of local traditions, customs, and peculiarities of lifestyle. They will help you to understand your woman, her family and friends better. Don’t get us wrong, you should not have a degree in Malaysian studies to start dating Malaysian women. Still, if you have some knowledge about the culture of a certain nation, the building of a relationship will be easier. To get to know more about dating culture here, read an article about Malaysian girls.

However, not all women today know how to dance today and if you want to impress your girlfriend, you can learn to dance and teach her or buy her a dance course for Malaysian girls as a gift. If you are going to get married and want to attend dance classes together, you can sign up for our special class to learn to dance for wedding. This class will allow you not only to begin dancing but also to get acquainted with Malaysian wedding customs and traditions. 

FAQ about Pat Catterson’s dance course 

Is my teacher experienced?

Sure! Pat Catterson has been dancing from a young age and by now she has prepared 101 choreographies in different styles. She is a Fulbright Scholar of 1996 and a winner of numerous grants for studying and teaching dancing. Such famous institutions of higher education as Barnard College and the Juilliard School had the honor of inviting her to teach for their students.

Pat Catterson has been teaching and mentoring young artists and those who wish to start dancing since 1981 and therefore she has significant experience in her field. Her workshops develop over the years and those who visited them earlier can master their dancing skills by attending new ones or registering for our belly dance course for Malaysian girls. 

Can anyone learn to dance? 

Definitely yes. It does not matter how old you are, whether you have ever danced or not. Your desire is almost all that matters. The only thing that is needed to join our dance course for Malaysian girls is to have a physical ability to attend classes and a fair state of health. 

How long does it take to learn to dance?

It depends on the results you want to achieve and an effort you are ready to put into your studying. For a person who never tried our belly dance course, it takes a couple of months to see the change in the way you move. For the one who has been dancing earlier the first results will appear in a shorter time. 

Also, it depends on the level of the group to which you were assigned. Progress of other people will help to boost your results as well as the intensity of classes will influence how soon you achieve your dream of mastering belly dance. 

How often do I need to practice to become a professional belly dancer?

To become a belly dancer, small girls begin studying at the age of 4 or 5 years and take 2 classes per week. Also, it is very important to work on your physical activity daily to keep fit and be able to attend classes without following muscle pain.

If you are a grown-up, we advise you to start practicing 2 times per week and then extend your studying to 3 times per week. A few years of practice will let you become a professional dancer, however, you have to remember that it is a skill you should never stop developing. Attending workshops and seminars of Pat Catterson will help you in your training, while our dance course for Malaysian girls is a consistent base for your professional development.

How CBD helps dancers recover from competition?

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The hemp-derived CBD has been removed from the WADA Prohibited List, so be sure that you won’t be excluded from your future dancing competitions.