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Outside Eye

Quotes from teaching letters of recommendation:

Yvonne Rainer, choreographer/filmmaker
“Ms Catterson is a born teacher. Her devotion to her students is without parallel….I am constantly impressed not only with her memory, her patience, and meticulous attention to the nuances of movement, but with her unflagging  commitment to and passion for dancing, both of which she communicates in body and language in her teaching.”

Martha Myers, Former Dean of the American Dance Festival and Professor Emeritus Connecticut College
“Pat Catterson is what one hopes for in a teacher in the arts- she is both artist and teacher…I have known Pat since she was a student in my comp classes at ADF in the late sixties. She was outstanding, even then, doing original quirky pieces that were nevertheless structurally supported, like a delicately balanced stack of cards. She has a wry sense of humorwhich manifests in some of her piece.
 Most recently, I observed one of her freshman classes at Juilliard and later watched a video of work done by her sophomore students. Both showings were impressive. The pieces struck me as astonishingly sophisticated in the handling/integration of content and structure.”

 The Late Benjamin Harkarvy, former Artistic Director of the Dance Division at the Juilliard School
“ I have admired Ms Catterson’s own choreographic works for a number of years and was pleased to be able to engage her to teach. She has a superb eye for form, dedicates herself totally to the dancers and inspires them as well as educates them in the components of their craft. Ms Catterson brings a truly contemporary view to this art, which prepares aspiring choreographers for the stage.”

 The late Bessie Schonberg, Professor Emeritus Dance Sarah Lawrence College
“ Pat is exceptionally gifted in choreography…. Her choreography for groups of dancers, students or professionals, reveals her strength as a creative artist as well as a director and teacher.…Professionally, her keen, discerning eyes have been an asset. Pat is a popular and admired teacher, a bright, sensitive colleague and a demanding, but always generous director. “

Michelle Mathesius, Chair person Dance Department, LaGuardia High School of Music and Art & the Performing Arts, NYC
“Pat Catterson is unique in the dance world today- a fine dance artist and a fine educator. She cares deeply about the future of dance as an art form. She is a a principled person, intelligent and inspiring.”

Tarja Yoken, Director Department of Dance, Turku School of Art and Communication, Finland
“Pat Catterson brings a clear vision of movement technique, improvisation and composition which reflects her rich background and deep understanding of the issues which confront all of us who are involved in this art form. She challenged our students in a most positive manner, and at the same moment supported them in their process of exploring and developing.”

Robert Blocker, former Dean School of the Arts, UCLA
“Her commitment to teaching both graduate and undergraduate students is reflected in the very positive student evaluations she always received. Pat Catterson is a person of integrity, and she possesses absolute values as both an individual and as an artist. I admire her courage, her high standards and her determination.”

Maida Withers, Professor and Director of the MFA Dance Program, George Washington University/ Artistic Director Dance Construction Company
“Catterson is one of the best artist/teachers I have ever met. She engages students in a powerful way with the duality of her intuition and intellect. She stands firmly and unmoved at a time when administrators and teachers are wavering regarding the place of dance in society. She interacts creatively with each student achieving depth and insight with the individual and group. Her intellect and sensitivity are heightened in the dynamic situation inherent in teaching.”

Jens Giersdorf, Dance Writer and Associate Professor of Dance Marymount Manhattan College
“I have experienced many choreography teachers over the course of my own career, and can attest that Catterson is one the most thoughtful and skilled teachers I encountered. She is able to motivate all students to participate in any exercise to their fullest capacity.”

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