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For me art making is a futile remedy but a necessary act. As short-lived as it is, I take pleasure in the slivers of happiness, satisfaction, distraction, fascination, and connection to others that are available in its pursuit. To respond to my need to create, to feel its purpose, to try to make newness in the midst of aging, to pursue the ecstasy of those momentary altered states that dancing, creating or performing provide, to rescue hope in the face of experience, to speak up in my art when I doubt I have the right or enough expertise, to trust what feels to be true, to find forms to fulfill my gifts to move and communicate and to accept how I am: this is the best I can do and why I make art.

As far as I can tell, the function of art is to remind us that we have an imagination. This is the gift, the provocation, the mission and the invitation of an artist to others. Without imagination, empathy is not possible, nor the envisioning of solutions or dreams for a better life. Thus art is essential.

It is an experience that happens in a series of fluid relationships between the artmaker, the thing itself, the performers, the audience and memory. Art is personal.
 In my work I am attracted to paradox and a degree of ambiguity, for therein lies the poetry.

I love making dances.













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