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Outside Eye

Outside Eye is a new choreographic consulting service being offered to young choreographers by Pat Catterson, choreographer, and Quentin Chiappetta, composer. Both are experts and accomplished professionals in their fields who care deeply about the future of the art form of choreography, The cost for an Outside Eye consultation is reasonable and on a sliding scale based on the individual circumstances of the artist and the services needed. This could range from a one time viewing/ feedback session with either Ms Catterson or both she and Mr. Chiappetta or a longer term mentoring situation over a rehearsal period of weeks or months.

Pat Catterson has choreographed and presented over one hundred works in New York City since 1968. Companies, individuals and dance departments have commissioned her choreography from the Seattle Dance Project, the Dance Theatre of Oregon, Salt Lake’s Repertory Dance Theatre, and the Egelvsky Ballet Company to the Juilliard School, Adelphi University, Princeton University and LaGuardia High School for Music and Art and the Performing Arts (the “Fame” school). She has taught composition and mentored student works at many fine institutions, including, Sarah Lawrence College, UCLA, the Juilliard School, Marymount Manhattan College, Danshögskolan in Stockholm, and at the Turku School of Art and Communication in Finland. Over the years her students have continued to seek her choreographic counsel as they pursue their own professional careers as dance makers. She also dances for Yvonne Rainer and writes for Attitude Magazine.

Quentin Chiappetta has established himself as an innovative and versatile creative partner for a wide of variety of artistic endeavors, from nationally syndicated television shows to musical works accompanying modern dance performances to a growing roster of independent films and documentaries. He has been commissioned by many notable choreographers, including Yvonne Rainer, Jody Sperling Pat Catterson, and Stephan Koplowitz, with performances in venues such as the Kitchen, Bryant Park, The Joyce, DTW and the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Quentin is the recipient of multiple Meet the Composer grants. As the music director and composer-in-residence for Cirque Le Masque, an avant-garde touring circus company, he has brought his music to Europe, South America, and across the United States. As a sound engineer, he has recorded, produced and mastered CD’s of music performed by classical pianists, hip-hop artists, avant-garde sound artists, and singers. He is the recipient of two Innovative Theater Awards—one for music, one for sound design. Quentin is the sole proprietor of Media Noise, which has served as his base since 2000.

For more information on Quentin Chiappetta go to his website


'Right away, Pat is able to suss out the methodologies through which a piece orients. She has an uncanny ability to connect what the artist's core intent is back to the way in which they craft. For a choreographer, this style of feedback is invaluable because it makes you aware of your own 'practice'. To reflect on the ways in which I communicate, has helped me to clarify and render my ideas into their purest form.' -–Shannon Gillen, Choreographer Shannon Gillen and Guests

As an artist, I have something to express through dance. In order to send the message, my choreography has to communicate with the audience. Therefore my choreography has to have a good balance of the selfishness and something to which the audience can relate. When I am too focused on my artistic selfishness, the piece does not communicate with the audience, so Pat Catterson gives me questions. Most of the time, this happens when I have a hard time organizing a thousand of ideas in my mind. Answering her questions one by one makes me align all the scattered thoughts in line. She never gives me the solution but she points out where I can find my own answer. It is so blessing to have an eye of the person who is very knowledgeable and who knows how to help me clarify my vague thoughts. Tomoko Maeda, Choreographer

Pat Catterson is an artist’s artist, choreographing over 100 works in her career, she is a model for the perseverance of curiosity. She brings to modern dance a wealth of experience, allowing her to watch work with an informed and discerning eye, and discuss it with an insightful and exacting voice.
–Andrea Gise, Choreographer Agise and Dancers

“As choreographer and director of Motley Dance and Doorknob Company
I can attest to the essential value of incorporating an ‘Outside Eye’ into the studio.
Pat Catterson provides an objective and critical evaluation of performance based artistic works. She does not simply provide an opinion but a skilled assessment that will encourage you to clarify and edit your artistic statements.  Her unbiased, judgment free review has personally allowed me to survey my work and elevate my efforts to a superior level.”
Elisabeth Motley, Choreographer of Doorknob and Motley Dance

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